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Best Kitten Food in 2020


Kittens put on weight quickly within the first year of their life, at least, if they are healthy and getting the nutrition that they need. Naturally, cat lovers everywhere are constantly looking for the best food to give their pets based on both their nutritional needs and the ingredients included in the food. There are hundreds

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Best Cat Food for Weight Gain – The Complete Guide


Owners and veterinarians are most often focused on a cat’s weight when it’s due to issues with obesity. However, the problem can also occur on the opposite end of the spectrum. Your cat may be naturally underweight or may have lost weight unexpectedly. Whatever the case, it’s important to visit your vet so that they can help

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Should I feed my cat wet or dry food? 


Maybe you’ve just gotten your first kitten. Or rescued a stray. Maybe you’ve had cats for a while but now yours has some health issues and you want to find natural ways to support him. No matter what brought you here, we hope this article will help you decide what food might be best for your

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How Long Should I Feed My Cat Kitten Food?


Living with a new kitten is always exciting.  They are cute, cuddly, and simply a pleasure to be around.  As a kitty parent, you’ve been feeding her with an appropriate formula or food designed specifically for young cats.  But as she continues to grow and mature, how do you know when to switch from kitten food

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How Much Wet Food Should You Feed Your Cat?


Cats, like humans, all have different tastes and needs. Some cats love dry food but some cats can’t suffer through a dry-food meal without a little wet food to spice up the flavor. However, the problem with wet food is that it is fattening and it doesn’t help your cat’s dental health. That doesn’t mean that

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How Much and How Often Should You Feed Your Cat?


Cats love to eat and they can be quite convincing when they want to be. Between the cute little meows and big, adorable eyes, it is hard not to give in when your furry friend expertly requests more food, even if they shouldn’t have anymore. As a pet parent, though, that furry little face can quickly

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Best Diabetic Cat Food


Getting a diabetes diagnosis from your veterinarian can be scary, but fortunately, your cat can live a long fulfilling life with just a few tweaks to your daily routine. If you’re facing the rest of your cat’s life with diabetes, this guide will help put your mind at rest and show you that living with a

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Best Foods for Cats with a Sensitive Stomach


Have you ever found cat vomit in your home, or other signs that your cat may have an upset stomach?  Turns out, it’s not uncommon for cats to have digestive issues at some point during their lives. This article addresses some of the common symptoms associated with cats who are experiencing digestive difficulty, outlines some potential

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Best Cat Food for Indoor Cats


With the seemingly ever-growing selection of cat food for your indoor cats, figuring out the best diet for your cat can be a difficult task. This only becomes more complicated when you realize the difference in needs for indoor and outdoor cats. While they have the same nutrient requirements, indoor cats need to meet those nutrient

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