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How to Leash Train a Cat


Cats are wild creatures. They love the outdoors, just as much as dogs. A cat’s instincts and natural abilities are unleashed when they are outdoors. However, in our world, with the business of traffic and the abundance of predators, most pet parents wouldn’t dream of letting their little furry feline baby outside, like they do with

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How to Train Your Cat to Use Their Scratching Post


Is your cat scratching your favorite chair or couch? Or perhaps you’ve just got a new cat and you want to make sure to start her off on the right foot by using a scratch post. There are also always those stubborn cats who don’t seem to want to use a scratching post no matter what

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How to Keep Cats from Scratching Furniture 


Is your cat slowly shredding up your living room couch or favorite chair?  While frustrating, you are certainly not alone among cat parents.  Keeping your cat from scratching furniture, carpet or window dressings in your home may seem next to impossible at times, but with the right method and attitude, you can help save your household’s

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