Cat Litter and Litter Boxes

How to Keep Cat Litter From Tracking


Being a cat parent means occasionally having to clean up litter that gets tracked outside the litter box. This is simply a fact of life with cats. But if your cat is the type to really bury her waste, or if you don’t have the right litter box set up for your cat, then you can be

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How Deep Should Cat Litter Be?


Anyone who has ever taken care of a cat likely has had to deal with cat litter. While it can be a convenient method of potty training for some reasons, it can also be a difficult (and potentially stinky) method for other reasons.In addition to the positive and negative sides of having a litter box for your

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Why is Your Cat Pooping Outside the Litter Box


Cats can be picky when it comes to their bathroom habits. If there is even one thing out of place, your cat could decide it is no longer comfortable pooping inside their litter box. There are so many possibilities, in fact, that it can be difficult to narrow down the exact problem. Thankfully, most of the

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How Often Should You Change Cat Litter?


The cat. Majestic. Self-sufficient. And...occasionally, stinky. Changing cat litter properly is a big deal, not only for your sense of smell but for the health and wellbeing of your feline friend. However, the answer to how often you should change cat litter is not solely based on the sense of smell. There are many different factors

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Why Do Cats Use Litter Boxes?


Cats, overall, are clean, neat creatures that enjoy order in their everyday lives. Yet, their cleanliness is not the reason that cats use litter boxes, often without any prompting from their mothers or humans. (Even though most cat owners are thankful that their furry friend is so considerate.) Rather, cats using litter boxes is instinctual. It

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How to Get Your Cat to Use the Litter Box


Cats are usually great at using a litter box. It is generally instinctual and not even their natural mother needs to teach them how to use a litter box. However, every once and a while, you come across a cat that does their business a little differently. So, when that cat is your furry friend, how

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